Friday, 15 August 2014

5 Key Benefits of Using a Marketing Consultancy

Recently I’ve been asked a number of times why a company should hire my consultancy to improve their marketing, PR, social media or website.
Obviously I’ve got my Powerpoint slide with me at all times which I can whip out in a flash and my ‘elevator pitch’ trips of my tongue in well-rehearsed fashion. I can go in to a little more detail here and that may help explain a few more reasons for considering outsourcing as an effective, and cost-effective, route.

Fresh Perspective – to generate a new approach
If things in your company stay the same, nothing changes, and your competitors edge forward. Same people? Same media? Same messages? Sound familiar? To re-energise your marketing, PR and social media, fresh eyes reviewing your business sector can open up new opportunities, as well as point your communications in a new, creative direction. It keeps you ahead and a player in your field.

Specialist Knowledge – to get you there faster
The value of specialist knowledge shouldn’t be underestimated.  This might be specialisation in a particular area of PR or marketing, a specific industry or marketing discipline and tactics. Your directors and marketing team (if you have one) may have some of this knowledge, but a consultancy will have the expertise to turn insights in to valuable propositions and get those messages out in the right way to expand your reach to your clients and your industry media.

Extensive Network – for you to tap in to
It’s important that the agency has excellent contacts within the market sector you operate in. But even if you know some of the same people, the relationship the agency has with will be different and could benefit your company when it comes to liaising with journalists and suppliers. Also, the consultancy will work with a range of suppliers to get further new ideas that you can then use in your marketing. Their liaison with journalists will also open opportunities for further promoting your company as a leader in your industry and getting your directors to contribute to opinion pieces and industry commentaries.

Creativity – new ideas are better by design
It’s all about bringing new solutions to your campaigns and injecting a new lease of life to your brand. Taking things by the scruff of the neck so you say, “Why haven’t we thought of that?” Well, because an agency has a different outlook which is a lot more conducive to coming up with those creative ideas you always wanted. They won’t lose sight of the original objectives and so deliver solutions that are right on target. After all, creative thinking leads to better design and improved results.

Financial – how much? Is that all?
We all want the things we need at the right price. You pay for what you get and when you add it all up a marketing consultancy can provide excellent value at an agreed price. We can cut our cloth to fit your budget. One off fee, monthly retainer or a fixed price project. Compare that to the price of and FTE and you’ll be surprised at how much you can save, and how much you can gain in knowledge and expertise.

Conclusion – let the experts lend a hand
The key is to find a marketing consultancy that matches your values, listens to your goals and collaborates with you creatively. A partnership between a consultancy and client is one of the keys to successful marketing and PR. Outsourcing could be one of the best decisions you will ever make. You can keep your costs low and allow specialists to take the burden off your shoulders. Why not let a skilled agency use their knowledge to promote your brand?

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