Tuesday, 16 December 2014

6 Business Twitter Tips for Humans

Twitter can help businesses build brand profile in their market and help drive their corporate communications. However, so many tweets I read seem like they are written by machines, which kind of defeats the object of engaging with people (your clients, your business associates, your prospects).

By embracing the ‘social’ aspect of twitter, you’ll find your business communications sounding more like a human than a robot. To do this, keep your tweets conversational with an engaging tone of voice (oops, there’s another tip!). After all, people still buy people and your twitter feed should reflect your business’ personality and that the twitter account is being run by knowledgeable humans.

It’s also a great way to build or be part of business communities (with other human businesses) in your sector and to keep up to speed with industry issues and people news.
So, here are a few more tips for B2B twitter accounts so they become more human, less robotic:

  1. Post what would be of interest to you if you were a customer or business partner.
  2. Be spontaneous - tweet about things that are happening in your business right now.
  3. Add a photo - we are all quite nosey, so most of us will click to see a good picture of an event you’re at, a PR shoot, an award you've won etc.
  4. Keep it short - you needn't always use the 140 characters - brevity is good policy.
  5. Research hashtags relevant to your business sector and include them regularly as they will  help you get noticed by potential customers/clients.
  6. Use a management tool for your tweets to help you track your account(s) and to provide  results of retweets, favourites, followers etc.


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