Monday, 13 March 2017

Ready to dive into the social ocean?

It seems impossible now to imagine a world without social media. In such a short time social networks have made their way into the very fabric of our business lives. They’re used for direct communication, customer service, promoting new products and events and delivering timely news, to name a few common uses.

Many businesses have understood the benefits of integrating social media into their overall communication strategies and those that do reap the rewards of brand profile and customer engagement.

But many companies are still sat at the water’s edge just dipping their toes in.

One of the biggest hurdles we come across for those companies that haven’t yet dived into the social ocean is quite simply finding something to say that’s worth sharing. But, every company has stories to tell. After all, without being good at what you do a company wouldn’t survive and for those successful companies who have worked out a winning formula, there are always interesting points to communicate that others will find interesting and of value. It’s just a case of spending time to formalise them and the methodology to promote them within the overall communication plan.

There are several content keys that can unlock your plans to engage on social media. They include things like promoting new products, service and staff, but also sharing thought and ideas through blogs, case studies and viewpoint articles.

Every business has plenty of content but sometimes finding the time to structure it into bite size chunks of interesting and informative content is where the problem lies.

That’s why using an expert consultancy that can harness the content and hone the messages, then package them up to share on social media is vital to closing the circle in the communications plan.
You should also know what’s working and what’s not is vital in better understanding what your customers or audience want to hear from you. Analytics can help in finding the golden nuggets, and time needs to be spent to fully distinguish the successes from the also rans. Again, this can be worked out by understanding the medium and working out what the interactions mean.

PR can also serve a dual purpose in assisting any company in delivering worthwhile information to its audiences. Firstly the press mentions themselves, but then re-promoted on social media so leveraging news content and improving social engagement. It’s a win, win.

It also adds a credibility factor which is vital for building brand trust and loyalty. After all, if media known by the audience are reporting your news, then your audience in turn will see you as a credible player in the market.

The role of social media in this scenario is to help spread the word even further, via a different medium and get your brand values out to a much wider audience.

Content is king though, and regular postings of interesting and worthwhile stories is vitally important. So, are you still just dipping your toes? Or is it time to dive in? 

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