Thursday, 25 January 2018

LinkedIn articles – don’t miss out!

I still see many LinkedIn profiles with no articles on. But don’t miss out on this valuable tool for sharing knowledge, wisdom and views on your industry or profession.
Articles are different from updates because they are in-depth pieces where you can write about challenges you or your company has faced, opportunities you've seized and important trends in your market.
They don’t take as long as you think to pull together either. They’re not labour intensive because you may already have some of the content in other forms, such as press releases, case studies or media commentary pieces. These can be redrafted to expand on key points and to introduce a more personal viewpoint on the topic as well as bringing the theme right up to date to cover the latest thinking and market statistics.
So, what you going to write about? There a number of categories that can be shared with your contacts to help build market knowledge and business perception. Here’s just a few ideas to get you thinking:
-         Your Industry: What opportunities and challenges do you see on the horizon and how is your company going to respond in order to succeed? 
-         Sector Trends: What is happening in your industry and how will it look in a year’s time?
-         Your Business: How has your company changed and adapted to the market with new products, services or departments and how have they worked out?
-         Skills: What skills are important to your sector and how can colleagues get those skills to improve industry knowledge and professional improvement?
-         Good News: Don’t be shy about sharing a successful news story. Whether it’s a personal triumph, the company wins a prestigious award or there’s a good set of results to report, let your contacts know about it.
There are plenty more ideas and you can always call upon your experience to come up with more. After all, what kind of articles would you find useful and why, and can you have input on similar issues and topics?
Articles also give you the opportunity to include a photo to highlight the key benefits of your article and thought process. Make sure you pick an eye-catching one that represents your story or company brand.
In short, LinkedIn articles can grow and develop your personal and company mage and help the industry you’re in to move forward by sharing your expertise, experience and a vision of the future.

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